Hear what our clients have to say about working with us

“More than 35 years as a personal and business client.  I would not have stayed this long – singing their praises – and recommending their service unless I was pleased.  Their prompt service and accurate advice is greatly appreciated.”

– Jack R.

“Being a CPA, I know what it takes to fully service a client, and Thompson Greenspon does that.”

– Mark N.

“I have been a client for 40+ years.  I have had many offers to switch to another firm.  I declined them all.”

– Richard H.

“Face-to-face availability is the number one thing we really, really like about dealing with Thompson Greenspon.”

– Tom R.

“I have great confidence in the work done and commitment to common sense solutions.”

– Jane W.

“Having Thompson Greenspon handle my taxes is, frankly, a relief for me, as I absolutely KNOW the taxes will be prepared in a timely manner (assuming I provide the material also in a timely manner) and every effort will be made to ensure a good, honest, and fair tax “result”.  I’ve also had questions answered concisely and quickly about what is/is not tax deductible if I did not understand it via online or other searches. Now that I am retired this is even more important.”

– Danuta B.

“We are extremely pleased with the service, professionalism and continuity that TG has provided us all these years.”

– Alan L.

“I have been working with Thompson Greenspon for 15 years and have always been responded to quickly and professionally.  They have never let me miss a deadline.”

– Karin J.

“Thorough and timely work, Thompson Greenspon appears to be up-to-date regarding annual changes by the IRS.”

– Evan D.

“I have been with the firm for over 30 years and the staff has served me extremely well.  It has been a pleasure to have recommended the firm to a number of friends and business associates.”

– Claude W.

“20 years of outstanding service.  Thanks.”

– Mike S.

“Thompson Greenspon was hired on a competitive bid process to provide professional support services on the filing of our annual IRS from 990 and completion of an independent audited financial report.  In both years they have completed this time sensitive and important tasking assignment in a cost-effective, expeditious and transparent manner that reflects very positively on our nonprofit Board, executive staff, and accountancy team.”

Tony C.

“Whenever I ask for advice or an opinion from the staff at Thompson Greenspon, I receive prompt and valuable replies that have helped me and my fellow LLC members to better understand our company position with respect to tax laws and impacts.”

Bill C.

 “I have worked with Thompson Greenspon for 30 years and you have always looked out for my best interest.  Can’t say enough good things.”

– John B.

“Consistently good preparation of my personal tax return and prompt responses to questions.”

– Jeff N.

“I have worked with Thompson Greenspon for over 20 years and have always found them to be helpful, timely and very competent.  They have proven to be a valuable asset in any accounting and tax situations.”

– Joe D.

“15 years of receiving excellent tax preparation and other financial advice.”

– Frederick N.

“We have always received outstanding service from Thompson Greenspon.  I feel so comfortable bringing our taxes to you and know that we will get the best product with the most personal service!”

– Cathy C.

“Thompson Greenspon understands our family needs and is exceptionally successful at providing outstanding service.”

– Charles R.

Hear More of What Our Clients Have To Say:

“Consistent focus on my specifics for tax returns.  Timely tax return preparation. Always willing to consider my requests, but dedicated to integrity in income and expense reporting.”

– John R.

“Excellent, personal service.”

– Thomas F.

“I was very impressed by the prompt and courteous service provided by Thompson Greenspon.  I always feel that I am in good hands.”

– Jeevan P.

“Very satisfied with the service – quality, knowledgeable, professional personnel.”

– Bonnie C.

“Great people.  Very responsive and professional.”

– Michael S.

“Thompson Greenspon employs a high quality staff and provides excellent service.”

– Joseph M.

“Thompson Greenspon handles our account quickly and accurately, including answering all email questions by the next day.  Couldn’t be more pleased.”

– Smith A.

“Excellent personal attention.”

– Ken B.

“Thompson Greenspon always responds promptly to my emails. They provide clear explanations, flexibility, and willing to accommodate.”

– Meera P.

“Always open to questions.  Work done well and on time.”

– Virginia M.

“I have been extremely happy with the quality and speed of the work and the communications.”

– Gary C.

“Knowledgeable, friendly staff work hard to get things right every time.”

– Robert E.

“Highly professional and considerate.”

– James W.

“Total satisfaction with their quality and integrity.”

– James R.

“Knowledgeable, prompt, customer-oriented service provided by TG and the staff there.”

– Michael G.

“I have been using the firm for many years and their work is always thorough and complete.”

– Anthony P.

“We are very pleased with Thompson Greenspon.  Excellent quality firm with an excellent focus on the customer.”

– Timothy Z.

“Thompson Greenspon has audited our 401k plan for 4 years now. The auditors always work with us rather than against us. They know our plan and processes and are thorough in their jobs but also very easy to work with.”

– Cathy S.

“Very good service with consistent results.”

– Carolina M.

“Excellent tax prep support. Great staff and they pay attention to all the details.”

– William L.

“Dependable, courteous, assurance in our ever-changing world of helping one to stay on top of requirements.”

– Virginia R.

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