If you’re looking to reduce your 2014 tax bill, you may want to consider purchasing a business vehicle before year end. Business-related purchases of new or used vehicles may be eligible for Section 179 expensing, which allows you to expense, rather than depreciate over a period of years, some or all of the vehicle’s cost.

The normal Sec. 179 expensing limit generally applies to qualified non-personal use vehicles such as a vehicle weighing more than 14,000 pounds. The limit for 2014 is $25,000, and the break begins to phase out dollar-for-dollar when total asset acquisitions for the tax year exceed $200,000. These amounts have dropped significantly from their 2013 levels. But Congress may still revive higher Sec. 179 amounts for 2014.

A $25,000 limit applies to heavier vehicles such as SUVs weighing more than 6,000 pounds but no more than 14,000 pounds. Vehicles weighing 6,000 pounds or less are subject to the passenger automobile limits. For 2014, the depreciation limit is $3,160.

Many additional rules and limits apply to these breaks. So if you’re considering a business vehicle purchase, contact us to learn what tax benefits you might enjoy if you make the purchase by Dec. 31.

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