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The Future of 3D Printing in Construction

Imagine, if you will, creating virtually any tangible object based on the digital, three-dimensional (3D) model on your computer screen. Well, you don’t have to imagine it — that’s 3D printing, theoretically at least, and it’s in use right now. This technology has advanced dramatically and could transform many industries, including construction. While its ultimate…

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Timekeeping Is a High Risk Area

For most contractors, direct labor costs are usually the most significant expense charged to government contracts and usually make up the base, or largest, element used to allocate indirect costs.

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Is Your Documentation Enough to Pass a DCAA Incurred Cost Audit?

Is your documentation adequate to pass a Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) incurred cost audit? Flexibly priced contracts contain audit and post-incurrence audit and acceptance requirements for some or all costs. Many contractors have been surprised to find out that the documentation they have on hand to support incurred costs is not considered adequate to support either the…

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Time and Materials Contracts: Improper Labor Classification is Risky

Improper labor category classification under U.S. government time and materials (T&M) contracts can result in cost disallowance, investigation, fines — and even jail time.

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