Cryptocurrency & Taxes Part III: Maintaining Cryptocurrency Records

You’ve made it to Part III of our three-part cryptocurrency series! As mentioned previously, we have put together this series to help taxpayers navigate through the tax laws of this ever-growing industry. Each article has covered one of three vital topics: Part I: Cryptocurrency reporting requirements Part II: Taxation of cryptocurrency Part III: Maintaining cryptocurrency…

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Cryptocurrency & Taxes Part II: Taxation of Cryptocurrency

Welcome to Part II of our three-part cryptocurrency series!  With the fame, and not to mention value, of cryptocurrency exploding in the past few years, it has caught the attention of the U.S. Government.  The intention of this series is to guide you through the tax implications of transacting in cryptocurrency.  As mentioned in Part…

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Cryptocurrency & Taxes Part I: Cryptocurrency Reporting Requirements

If someone asked you ten years ago if you had heard of cryptocurrency, what would your answer have been?  If asked about Bitcoin or a “soft fork,” would your mind have gone to an unfortunate penny that went through the garbage disposal?  How about a particularly flimsy piece of cutlery?  Or would you have been…

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