Bank Financing

Thompson Greenspon can help you create an appropriate business proposal that demonstrates to the banking community your individual business needs and financial situation.

We can assist you in preparing your proposal with the following services:

Executive Summary

We help you to define the purpose of the loan, the exact amount of money required, an explanation of what the loan will be used for and why it is needed.

Pro-forma Cash Budgets and Financial Statements

We work together to break down your data and underlying assumptions in order to prepare information that your banker can easily understand.

Owners Personal Financial Statements

We can assist you with the preparation of your personal financial statements if required by the bank.  This typically ranges from answering your questions on the financial statement to actually compiling a personal financial statement.

Responding to Questions

We can assist you with responding to questions from your banker.

“Being a CPA, I know what it takes to fully service a client, and Thompson Greenspon does that.”

– Mark N.

Our specialists are all seasoned professionals who have years of experience working within your industry. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.