Advisory Services

Our advisory services include expert guidance whether you are starting a business or new nonprofit, sharpening your strategic plan, or planning for succession.

Business Planning

When you’re seeking a loan, help lenders make a decision in your favor by presenting a comprehensive strategic business plan. We’ll guide you through outlining your company and its products or services, competition, management team, financial health, and business risks to help you save time in the loan approval process.


Business Formation

As you form a new business or nonprofit, we can help start you off right with an initial business plan that clarifies your marketing, management, and financial goals. Together, we’ll assist with determining the best tax structure, start-up capital needs, borrowing power, financial processes and tools, a cash flow budget, and more.


Succession Planning

At Thompson Greenspon, we combine our technical expertise with a collaborative approach to help you answer challenging questions: What happens when you stop running your business? Can you afford to retire? We’ll assist you through the dynamics around these decisions and the design of a succession plan.

Our specialists are all seasoned professionals who have years of experience working within your industry. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.