The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan process is complex and time-consuming. The rules continue to change, and we expect that there will be further changes through legislative action. Thompson Greenspon can help you through the process using our expertise in this area. We offer three different levels of PPP Loan assistance.



We will assist you in adequately identifying and documenting the facts that you relied on to certify in good faith that your current economic uncertainty made your PPP loan request necessary in case you are reviewed or audited. If your application is reviewed by the SBA, without this crucial step in place, you could be liable for the entire amount of the PPP loan. Designed for clients who prefer to handle documentation of loan forgiveness and estimation of forgiveness independently yet want oversight of their documentation to ensure the information is SBA ready. Let us help provide you with peace of mind.


Maximize Loan Forgiveness

We will assist you with the calculation of eligible payroll costs, other eligible costs, and forgiveness limitations, such as FTEs, needed to submit to the SBA for loan forgiveness. We will work closely with you to strategize on maximizing loan forgiveness during the eligible period.


Loan Forgiveness Preparation and Review Defense

Thompson Greenspon will assist in gathering the heavy supporting documentation burden necessary to provide a clear accounting for use of funds, allowing clients to focus on their day-to-day financial and operational issues. If your loan is chosen for review, and all loans over $2 million will be reviewed, we have former IRS agents, who have collectively over 80 years of IRS audit experience, on staff that can help defend you and your business.


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