Proactive tax planning and tax preparation, financial reporting and assurance, advisory services, outsourced accounting, and employee benefit planning and audits—personalized just for you.

Hoping to save on taxes? Thompson Greenspon CPAs can plan a year ‘round strategy to minimize your tax liability for your business or for yourself. Talk with us about ways to manage your taxes—on your business or personal income, estates, gifts, investments, retirement distributions, and more.

It pays to hire experienced CPAs to prepare your income tax return. We'll save you time and money, capturing deductions and credits you might miss. Each year, a consistent, dedicated team, who know your taxes inside and out, will help you, your business, or your nonprofit.

If you need help with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), rest easy. We can assist in resolving tax disputes for you. We have more than 75 total years working as IRS Examination Group managers and Revenue Agents. When you need assistance with an IRS audit, payment plan, or more, our CPAs know just what to do.

Whether you want to provide for your heirs or ensure a smooth transition for your business, we can assist you. First we learn your goals. Then we create or work with your other estate planning professionals to minimize your estate taxes while meeting your goals. We also assist with estate tax returns and review your plan on a regular basis.

Can you qualify for a research and development (R&D) tax credit? If your company has invested time, money, and resources to advance and improve products and processes, you might. Together, we'll explore the possibility of current and retroactive tax savings.

If you're thinking of filing for bankruptcy to resolve your tax debt, the CPAs at Thompson Greenspon can help you learn and weigh the options. Through this invaluable planning with seasoned tax experts, you can decide if bankruptcy is the best option for you to resolve your tax debt.

Failing to file or pay your payroll taxes can have serious consequences. Thompson Greenspon offers 75 collective years of working with the IRS, giving us in-depth knowledge of how to best represent you. Please call us BEFORE you meet with the IRS.

If you own commercial or residential real estate, Thompson Greenspon can assist you with a cost segregation study. This analysis can accelerate the depreciation of tax deductions, which can be more valuable to you now than in the future. While generally applicable to new construction, this tax deferral strategy also allows for the recapture of tax benefits on buildings and building improvements placed in service in previous years.

No matter what level of financial statement you need—an audit, review, or compilation—Thompson Greenspon’s CPAs can provide these services based on our expertise and personalized knowledge of your business. We can also perform audits that will comply with Government Auditing Standards (“Yellow Book”) and will help you weigh the pros and cons of the different levels of service so you can choose the best level for your organization.

If you receive government contracts or funds, we can assist you in developing overhead rates to comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). For architecture/ engineering firms, we offer the overhead rate audits you need to comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) contracts and ASHTO audits.

Applying for a loan? Come to us for expert assistance with the loan process, financial statements, and owners' personal financial statements.

How effective are your internal controls around financial reporting? Thompson Greenspon’s CPAs can analyze your risk assessment, control environment, control activities, information and communication, and monitoring—then share with you our recommendations to improve your business.

When you're seeking a loan, help lenders make a decision in your favor by presenting a comprehensive strategic business plan. We’ll guide you through outlining your company and its products or services, competition, management team, financial health, and business risks to help you save time in the loan approval process.

As you form a new business or nonprofit, we can help start you off right with an initial business plan that clarifies your marketing, management, and financial goals. Together, we’ll assist with determining the best tax structure, start-up capital needs, borrowing power, financial processes and tools, a cash flow budget, and more.

At Thompson Greenspon, we combine our technical expertise with a collaborative approach to help you answer challenging questions: What happens when you stop running your business? Can you afford to retire? We'll assist you through the dynamics around these decisions and the design of a succession plan.

The acquisition or sale of a business is a complicated matter that likely involves many intricacies and complicated negotiations. Thompson Greenspon understands the risks inherent in these transactions. Our experienced professionals can help you navigate these risks to best protect your business and maximize the economic benefits of a sale or purchase transaction.

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan process is complex and time-consuming.  The rules continue to change, and we expect that there will be further changes through legislative action.  Thompson Greenspon can help you through the process using our expertise in this area. 

Want to focus on managing and growing your organization instead of bookkeeping? Let us handle your regular accounting or finance function on an interim, temporary, or permanent basis. We can help with processing accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, bank reconciliations, sales tax filings, transaction processing, and month-end and year-end close.  We can also assist with audit preparation, including clean-up and catch-up bookkeeping.  The accounting experts at Thompson Greenspon will prepare your financial statements and compile timely financial data. We’ll help develop your Policies and Procedures manual and internal controls that make your finances more efficient and mitigate risk.


Employee Benefit Planning and Audits

Customized guidance on employee benefit plans, from experienced CPAs who save you time.

Customized guidance on employee benefit plans, from experienced CPAs who save you time.  In addition to auditing and advising clients on 401(k), 403(b), profit-sharing plans, and ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plans), we also offer tax planning and assist with compliance with ERISA, Department of Labor and IRS regulations.