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employees and taxes

Business, the Remote Worker, and Taxes, Part III: Highlights for Employees

As stressful as this time has been for business owners, employees have also been battling their own stress, fear for the future, and concerns for their families. While the flexibility of remote work has been an excellent benefit, the reality is it can complicate tax matters for employees and businesses. Over the course of three…

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tax obligations for closing businesses

Tax Responsibilities if Your Business is Closing Amid the Pandemic

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to shut down. If this is your situation, we’re here to assist you in any way we can, including taking care of the various tax obligations that must be met. Of course, a business must file a final income tax return and some other related forms for…

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tax implication of side gig

Do You Have a Side Gig? Make Sure You Understand Your Tax Obligations

The number of people engaged in the “gig” or sharing economy has grown in recent years, according to a 2019 IRS report. And there are tax consequences for the people who perform these jobs, such as providing car rides, renting spare bedrooms, delivering food, walking dogs or providing other services. Basically, if you receive income…

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