After being disabled last spring, the IRS has announced that its “Get Transcript Online” site is now once again available to all users to access a copy of their tax transcripts and other documents that summarize important tax return information.

The new site uses a more secure access framework, requiring a two-step authentication process for all online tools and applications. To access the new “Get Transcript Online” feature, taxpayers must have an email address, a text-enabled mobile phone and specific financial account information, such as a credit card number or certain loan numbers. Taxpayers who registered using the older process will need to re-register and strengthen their authentication in order to access the tool.

As part of the new multi-factor process, the IRS will send verification, activation or security codes via email and text. The IRS warns taxpayers that it will not initiate contact via text or email asking for log-in information or personal data. The IRS texts and emails will only contain one-time codes.

For more information about the “Get Transcript Online” site, visit the IRS website here:

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