Do you know the value of your volunteers?

The value of a volunteer hour is now estimated to be $31.80 — a 6.2% increase compared to 2021. This figure was unveiled in the latest “Value of Volunteer Time” report from Independent Sector and the Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland, based on data collected in 2022. The report includes a state-by-state breakdown of the value of volunteer time.

Another study, conducted by Independent Sector member VolunteerMatch, helps put the value in greater perspective. The organization recently released the results of a survey of almost 1,400 active and lapsed volunteers asking about their motivations, preferences and goals. It found that volunteers give nearly 40 hours per year, making the annual value of a volunteer almost $1,300.

Microsoft launches new AI solutions for nonprofits

Microsoft Corporation has introduced a suite of new artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and improvements to Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit that are designed to transform how fundraisers pursue their work. According to the company, lack of access to data and the resulting inability to form actionable insights based on fundraising analytics have hampered organizations. It cited a study from the National Council of Nonprofits showing that only 18% of nonprofits reported having the data they need and using it in nearly every decision they make.

The new offerings include a fundraising performance dashboard that uses real-time data to deliver interactive views of campaign performance, donor conversion and other fundraising analytics. Microsoft also is adding streamlined communications and engagement tools to its existing nonprofit product. And the company expects to soon release an AI-based donor propensity model to help organizations identify the constituents mostly likely to donate.

Finding grants faster with new grant search tool

Nonprofits are joining state and local governments in taking advantage of U.S. Digital Response’s free Grant Identification Tool to find relevant federal grants faster. U.S. Digital Response, a nonprofit civic technology foundation, says that its grant tool works significantly more quickly than the federal government’s system.

For example, the tool allows users to save keyword searches and receive daily email notifications of grants that match keywords. Users can sort grants by close date, award amount and other criteria, as well as filter out grants based on cost-sharing or other characteristics. It includes collaboration tools for assigning grants, expressing interest and building joint applications. Your nonprofit also can use the tool to track the federal grants it’s applying for across different teams and assign grant opportunities to other teams.

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