If you were a victim of ID theft and had a fraudulent return filed in your name, did you ever wonder what was actually filed or how much of your information was stolen?  Well, wonder no more.  The IRS will now allow victims of ID theft to see a copy of the fraudulent return. You can request a copy of a redacted return that should include enough details to help you to figure out how much of your personal information was stolen.  To get the return copy, you need to write a letter to the IRS containing the following:

  • Your name and SSN
  • Your mailing address
  • Tax year(s) of the fraudulent return(s) you are requesting (current year & previous 6, if necessary)
  • The following statement, with your signature beneath: “I declare that I am the taxpayer.”

Note: Your letter must be accompanied by a copy of your government-issued identification (for example, a driver’s license or passport).

Read more about how to request a copy of your fraudulent return on the IRS website here: https://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Instructions-for-Requesting-Copy-of-Fraudulent-Returns

Please contact our office at 703.385.8888 for additional information or assistance with making your request.

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